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Our company MAKRO FILTRE TIC. LTD. STI. is engaged in the production and export activities in Turkey, is exporting the product groups listed below. We are among the major supplier companies in Turkey and leading a Turkish company that can offer you the best price and optimum quality. Our company MAKRO FILTRE TIC., a member of TurkishExporter, is engaged in production and trade in Bursa. Made in Turkey products we are supplying are as follows: food machines Turkey food machineries Turkey food processing machines Turkey. Please fill in the RFQ form inside this page to get a quote from us. We will reply you with our best price offer shortly..
Our company joined the bakery sector in 1986 by resolving a major problem of our bakers in Turkey manufacturing volumetric dough dividing machine which enables production of Turkish type bread. Later, production line is extended by manufacturing dough processing machines (rounding, proofing, long moulder), convection bakery ovens, cyclothermic bakery ovens with stone base, multi-deck tube ovens with stone base, hamburger and sandwich loaf processing machines, dough machines and spiral dough kneading mixer (fixed and mobile), PLC controlled fully automated high capacity baking lines and now, product range almost includes 150 products. From the day it was founded, KUMKAYA has launched several products such as travelling bakery (bread) ovens to be used after the earthquakes encountered in our country (products designed for municipal buses), travelling field ovens for armed forces, digitaliy speed-adjusted volumetric dough dividers and processing machines and combined bakery ovens which produce bread on stone and which is capable of meeting all kinds of capacities. Today, KUMKAYA. has introduced PLC controlled (computer aided) automatic stone bread baking lines which are able to automatically bake natural stone breads and thanks to these lines, the company has been considerably praised, exporting its products to almost 86 countries in the world. KUMKAYA, has introduced its name to the entire world. Currently, our company goes on manufacturing as per TSE-EN-ISO 9001 - G.O.S.T. and CE standarts.
STK MAKINA was established in 1981 in Sakarya, which operates in the food industry and in particular in the establishment of equipment turnkey facility for the supply of equipment for milk and dairy processing plants. Until today, our company has established many factories in our country, has exported to more than 50 countries. Having a wide range of products, STK MAKINA has reached its present level with its expertise, quality service and honest line in determining the customer needs in the best way and finding the right solution for this. STK MAKINA SAKARYA is located in the modern and new factory, milk production facilities; turnkey milk and products for the establishment of complete facilities, milk collection and cooling centers, milk transport tankers, milk intake, pasteurization and standardization lines, pasteurized drinking milk lines, yogurt, buttermilk, kefir production lines, feta cheese, cheddar, curd cheese, mozerella , hellim, cream cheese, labne, edam and gouda production lines for many varieties such as cheese, cream and butter production lines, ice cream production lines, CIP units, storage systems, complete turnkey milk factories are installing. It establishes turnkey fruit juice facilities and supplies all kinds of equipment and services for fruit juice, fruit nectar, fruit drinks, and flavored drinks. As STK MAKINA, we set up turnkey milk factories and we also produce solutions for other food processes such as fruit juice, water, honey, jam and chemical and pharmaceutical industries. STK MACHINE; R & D, design, project, production, installation, commissioning, sales and after-sales service, especially continues its activities. Our aim is to provide our customers with the most advanced technology and quality products with our extended warranty periods, to provide the best service in after-sales service.
Being leader in development and manufacturing of modern, high capacity continuous industrial type decanters, HAUS started its activities in 1954 in Aydin with repair and renewing of various types of water pumps and presses. The company has manufactured the first olive oil press in the region in 1962. First olive oil production facility with decanter is manufactured by Omer and Ahmet Gozluklu brothers in the region in 1989. Today, having the ability to manufacture 350 decanters and 150 separators per year with 375 employees based on 32.000m2 field, the company has ISO 9001:2008 and TSEK certificates. The safety precautions of machines in work places and their compatibility with CE directives are approved by TUV. HAUS manufactures decanter centrifuges and separators for waste water and potable water treatment facilities, oil fields, drilling industry, beverage industry, animal and vegetable fat processing and extraction industry, starch industry as well as chemical and pharmaceutical industry. HAUS sets its mission as manufacturing machines and installing facilities to fulfill customer satisfaction at utmost level with high quality production based on modern technology. In this context, to achieve company goals and mission Hakki Usta supports her employees with motivation and continuous training. HAKKI USTA have been focused to create a global brand with its exports and extensive network of dealers since 2010 and generated HAUS brand. HAUS classified its sales operations with HAUS Centrifuge Technologies Co. for environmental and industrial applications and HAUS Food Co. for olive oil and milk applications Providing 7 days / 24 hours continuous after sales service and support in all regions of Turkey, HAUS can reach customers onsite at shortest time possible and can ensure that the machines are operating accordingly Focusing on R&D studies in order to improve the efficiency of the machinery, the company designs and manufactures various types of decanter centrifuges with innovative models. Also the company supports the facilities by computerized automations.
Confectra Machine after a long study and experience was established in Konya, Turkey in 2016. In addition to the new, used machinery, we also offer consulting, complete project and raw material support to our customers. Milk powder, whey powder, pectin, cocoa, aroma, acids and pectin as well as major raw materials are exported. Confectra Machinery after 2016 in a short time became a company that exports to 30 countries. We also provide installation and support to our customers for new and used machines.
Demsa Machinery Textile Packaging Industry and Trade Ltd. Company Our company was established in 2004 by Halil Ibrahim Demirci. Our main field of activity is manufacturing and trading of food processing and packaging machines. In addition, our company hotmelt (hot melt), polyethylene film and similar diaper raw materials and hotmelt (hot melt) application machines import and service. We provide technical support for food processing and packaging machines. Our customer-oriented understanding of quality has been continuing for years. We value your business and are always happy to serve you. We offer future technology at affordable prices.
ERDIL MAKINA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI has been in Nuts processing and manufacturing machinery sector since 1997 in domestic markets and incorporated a company in 2011. Erdil Makina and perform in international markets. We are in every steps of processing nuts from raw ingredient to finish products so We use latest technological engineering and design to get the best result. Erdil Machinery is manufacturing company of all type of dry nuts roasting machines and food processing equipments. We have the advantage of knowing how each machinery works for each type of products, So we update and improve our machinery and roasting techniques to get the best result and to ensure a long shelf life of the products. Unlike conventional machine supplier, Erdil machinery can give you “Know- How” support until the last stage of production. We can build a new production facility with the advantage of having knowledge and experience in this sector. Our experts will also assist you by giving the recipe of mixtures for final products. We are not only selling machinery but also teaching how to produce.